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Hortonworks University Live Training

2018 Q1 Hortonworks University Education Catalog


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Hortonworks University offers a wide variety of live-instructor led courses in order to provide comprehensive real-world training. Each course is taught by a Certified Hortonworks instructor and includes a combination of instructor-led lecture, classroom discussion and comprehensive hands-on lab exercises.

Delivery Options

Most Hortonworks University live-instructor led course are available in both in-person classroom settings or virtual instructor-led training. Check the course listing for upcoming classes, locations and course delivery options.

Public and Private Training

Classes are available as both public and private deliveries. Private deliveries are available for groups of 6 or more students and can be delivered either onsite or virtual. Please contact us for additional information.



The Industry’s Premier Big Data Community Event

DataWorks Summit in Berlin, Germany Pre-Event Training

Join us for Pre-event Training on the following topics: Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Full Stack Architecture, Deep Learning with Tensorflow and Keras, Apache Spark 2 for Data Engineers and Stream Applications with Apache NiFi, Kafka, Storm and SAM.