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Una volta al mese, ricevi gli approfondimenti, le tendenze, le informazioni analitiche e la conoscenza approfondita dei big data.

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7.December 2018

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) 3.3 – Taking Stream Processing to the Next Level

The HDF 3.3 release delivers several exciting enhancements and new features. But, the most noteworthy of them is the addition of support for Kafka 2.0 and Kafka Streams.   With strong cross-platform integrations between Kafka 2.0 and the rest of the HDF platform, we are delivering on our promise of continued and comprehensive support for […]

6.December 2018
white paper

Leveraging an Open-Source Data Strategy for Industrial IoT

How to gain value from time-series data A Hortonworks white paper by Kenneth Smith The Industrial IoT is letting companies collect and analyze data from sensors, instruments, connected products, and countless other devices. It’s revolutionizing the way industrial companies achieve operational efficiency, and it’s enabling them to deliver new services. This white paper will help […]

27.November 2018

IoT Predictions for 2019 and Beyond: Data at the Heart of Your IoT Strategy

Forrester forecasts* that direct spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) will exceed $400 Billion by 2023. From manufacturing and utilities, to oil & gas and transportation, IoT improves visibility, reduces downtime, and creates opportunities for entirely new business models. But successful IoT implementations require far more than simply connecting sensors to a network. The […]

19.November 2018

Getting the Most Out of Your Data in the Cloud with Cloudbreak – Live Demo

The cloud has provided numerous benefits to many organizations, including scalability, cost savings, and flexibility. Because of this, adoption of cloud services continues to grow rapidly. Many organizations are adopting a hybrid approach to running workloads on premises and in the cloud.   To meet this demand, Cloudbreak, a part of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), simplifies […]

19.November 2018

Getting Started with Apache NiFi Across Industries

Data is exploding across industries as every customer interaction and touch point generates massive amounts of information from multiple streaming sources. The critical challenge for enterprises is being able to manage data, extract real-time insights and take corrective action. Working together, Hortonworks and Attunity provide a distributed, resilient data platform on which to build those […]

15.November 2018

Desired Effect: Edge Computing Meets Real-Time Intelligence

Timing really is everything, especially in a highly connected world. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to reshape every industry, today’s most forward-thinking organizations are discovering the remarkable power of edge computing. By capturing, analyzing and acting on data at the edge, these innovators are solving business challenges as they arise, and capitalizing on […]

14.November 2018

Building a Hybrid Data Strategy with Accelerated Path to the Cloud

A Hortonworks Industry Case Study eBook With the emergence of cloud on top of legacy on-premises infrastructure, you need a data strategy rather than a cloud strategy and choose a vendor that can deal with all of your data architecture. Hortonworks is the comprehensive strategic partner who can help you securely manage and govern a […]

7.November 2018

Accelerate Big Data Success with Professional Services

Complete Guide to Hortonworks Professional Services Offerings Big data analytics is a critical component of most organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. However, many fall short due to the challenges associated with implementing an open source solution. From lengthy implementations, to a lack of hands-on experience and talent, building and deploying an analytics solution can require more […]

1.November 2018
white paper

How to Empower Effective Analytics Across Multicloud

Optimized Analytics Is Essential—Underlying Data Management Tools Are the Key In today’s hybrid and multicloud environments, data identification and integration problems often stymie DevOps practitioners, database administrators, data architects and big data operators trying to fulfill effective analytics. To get unstuck, forward-looking organizations are deploying global data management platforms that span hybrid cloud architectures. In […]

29.October 2018

Sky’s the Limit: Architecting an Enterprise Data Solution

With an ever-expanding array of cloud providers and the need to span on-prem data centers, modern data architectures need to have long-term strategic planning. That’s no small challenge in a world burgeoning with big data, vexed by global hackers, pressed by expanding regulations and driven by the demands of both public and private companies in […]

29.October 2018
white paper

U.S. Banking Update: Opportunities and Challenges for IT in 2018

Big data and analytics (BDA) is at the top of the priority list for U.S. banks. 28% of banks surveyed by IDC reported that their primary purpose for investment in this area was to understand and target customers better, the top reason for investment. While BDA tops the priority list, other technologies are close behind. […]

22.October 2018

Data Management in Open Hybrid Architecture

Apache Hadoop and related technologies have effectively addressed the pain points associated with big data storage and compute in the enterprise. However, as companies are moving to hybrid data architecture, use cases such as data replication, disaster recovery, tiering and backup are going to play a prominent role.   Data replication represents an established technology in […]

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