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About the Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center. Here you will find links to all of the various resources available on the Hortoworks.com website.

23.January 2018
solution brief

IBM Big SQL Solution Sheet

22.January 2018

Unlock Value from Big Data with Apache NiFi and Streaming CDC

Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It provides an end-to-end platform that can collect, curate, analyze, and act on data in real-time, on-premises, or in the cloud with a drag-and-drop visual interface. It’s being used across industries on large amounts of data that had stored […]

18.January 2018

YARN Inside Out

Joe Niemiec (Senior Technical Director – Platform Enablement & Strategy) understands the YARN Capacity Scheduler and has worked with it across all kinds of deployments. While Capacity Management has many facets – from sharing, chargeback, and forecasting – the focus of this interactive webinar will be on the primary features available for platform operators. In […]

16.January 2018

Benefits of Transferring Real-time Data to Hadoop at Scale with Hortonworks & IBM

As data is growing at an exponential rate, organizations are increasingly looking to leverage streaming data from mobile devices, wearable technology, and sensors for real-time processing and analytics. Gartner estimates that “By 2020, 70% of organizations will adopt data streaming to enable real-time analytics.” However, not all systems are designed to handle real-time data ingest […]

12.January 2018

Empowering Collaborative Advanced Analytics across Utility Operations

This webinar will discuss the emergence of the Data Science Platform as an integrated and collaborative environment for empowering advanced analytics across the utility enterprise. A successful Data Science Platform enables the proliferation of data, opening up new domains for analytics. Data that was previously unavailable to users can be easily and efficiently accessed, enhancing […]

5.January 2018

4 Essential Steps for Managing Sensitive Data in Your Data Lake

Data is growing in data lakes, so are security and compliance risks. These risks stem from storing and processing sensitive data. In this webinar, we will go through a 4 step process to proactively discover and manage sensitive data within big data environments. We will discuss: The current challenges and recommended steps around automated data […]

5.January 2018
white paper

TDWI Best Practices Report

What It Takes to Be Data-Driven: Technologies and Best Practices for Becoming a Smarter Organization Surprising Results for Data and Analytics Professionals Too often data analytics initiatives start with finding the right technology. But this important study from TDWI shows that among the barriers to becoming truly data driven, lack of a data platform and […]

20.December 2017

Apache Nifi for Dummies

Download Apache NiFi For Dummies Brought to you by Hortonworks and Attunity Apache NiFi is an integrated data logistics and simple event processing platform.It provides an end-to-end platform that can collect, curate, analyze and act on data in real-time, on-premise, or in the cloud with a drag-and-drop visual interface. This book is a must read. […]

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