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Hortonworks Sandbox is a personal, portable Apache Hadoop® and its ecosystem environment that comes with dozens of interactive tutorials and the most exciting developments from the Apache community. Get up and running in 15 minutes!

Scarica Sandbox


If you are new to the Hortonworks Sandbox and using Apache open source tools to build modern data applications we suggest you use the following tutorials.

Elementi base di Sandbox

Come iniziare con HDP®

Inizia il tuo viaggio in Apache Hadoop con questo tutorial per gli utenti meno esperti nell'uso di Sandbox.
Esplora Sandbox in ambienti tipo macchina virtuale e cloud e impara a muoverti nell'interfaccia utente di Apache Ambari.

This tutorial provides a section that describes the key concepts and series of tutorials where you move data into HDFS, explore the data with SQL in Apache Hive, do transformations with Apache Pig or Apache Spark and at the end generate a report with Apache Zeppelin.

Come iniziare con HDP

Tocca con mano Apache Spark in cinque minuti

Una veloce introduzione a Spark attraverso la creazione di un RDD per Wikipedia con un notebook Apache Zeppelin.

Una volta terminato questo tutorial, ne puoi trovare altri su Spark qui:

Apache Spark in cinque minuti

IoT ed elaborazione eventi in tempo reale

Apache Hadoop is often used to process unstructured data, new data types or data at scale at rest. However, you can also process data-in-motion and this tutorial will introduce you to tools like Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm and Apache HBase.

IoT ed elaborazione eventi in tempo reale

Learning the ropes of Apache NiFi

NiFi provides the data acquisition, simple event processing, transport and delivery mechanism designed to accommodate the diverse dataflows generated by a world of connected people, systems, and things. In this tutorial you will be introduced to how Apache NiFi connects and conducts streaming transportation data.

Apache NiFi

Prova gli altri tutorial

Trovi altri tutorial qui:

What's New in Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5

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For Data Workers

  • Explore the latest APIsHortonworks new distribution strategy delivers the rapid innovations from the Apache™ Hadoop® community to you. HDP now supports multiple versions of Apache Hive (1.2 & 2.1) and Apache Spark (1.6 & 2.0) in the same cluster.

  • Interactive SQL SpeedInteractive query with Apache Hive LLAP. LLAP enables sub-second SQL analytics on Hadoop by intelligently caching data in memory with persistent servers that instantly process SQL queries.

  • Remote access to Apache PhoenixApache Phoenix now ships a new Query Server which allows greater access and choice of development languages to access data stored within Apache HBase.

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Per operatori Hadoop

  • Advanced Visualization DashboardingAmbari 2.4 provides integrated log search and access capabilities. This enables operators to search, browse and filter their cluster operational logs for easier management. Also the integration of Grafana with Ambari brings the most important metrics front-and-center.

  • Integration of Comprehensive Security and Trusted GovernanceThe Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas integration allows enterprises to implement dynamic classification-based security policies. Using Ranger, administrators can define security policies based on Atlas metadata tags or attributes and apply this policy in real-time.

  • Streamlined Operations for Apache HBaseStreamlined backup and restore capabilities have been added to Apache HBase allowing operators to perform incremental backups. HBase operations have been simplified with improved HBase metrics in Ambari and set of pre-built dashboards.

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For Data Scientists

  • Simplifies DevelopmentApache Zeppelin provides a secure and collaborative web-based notebook for interactive data ingestion, exploration, and visualization for Apache Spark, Apache Hive and Apache Phoenix.

  • Seamless Data AccessImproved Apache Spark access to Apache Hive and Apache HBase. The Spark-HBase connector leverages Data Source API (SPARK-3247) introduced in Spark-1.2.0.

  • Apache Spark 2.0The most notable improvements in Apache Spark 2.0 are in the areas of API, Performance, Structured Streaming and SparkR. Achieve higher performance through a new Dataset API which is an extension of DataFrame API and also supports compile-time type checking.

Hortonworks Sandbox nel cloud

Hortonworks Sandbox nel cloud

Trova fornitori di servizi per il cloud in grado di aiutarti a partire con Hadoop con requisiti di sistema minimi.
Altre informazioni
Scarica Hortonworks Sandbox su VM

Nessun centro di elaborazione dati, nessun servizio cloud e nessuna connessione a Internet! Pieno controllo dell'ambiente. Estendi facilmente il sistema grazie ai componenti aggiuntivi o prova le varie anteprime tecniche Hortonworks. Sempre aggiornato all'ultima edizione.

Prova Hortonworks Sandbox su Azure

Azure ti consente di iniziare facilmente a usare Hadoop con requisiti di sistema minimi. Un'ottima soluzione se il tuo sistema personale non ha i requisiti di sistema minimi per operare in locale.