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Una volta al mese, ricevi gli approfondimenti, le tendenze, le informazioni analitiche e la conoscenza approfondita dei big data.

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ISV/IHV Program

Partnerworks ISV/IHV program enables independent software and hardware vendors to develop, test, certify, deploy and support joint solutions with Hortonworks products. ISV/IHVs are for partners who integrate with Hortonworks solutions that enable Connected Data Platforms powered by Hortonworks. The Modern Data Solutions (MDS) level gives partners the opportunity to showcase their integrations through certification and marketing activities. The MDS level eases the adoption of big data projects by customers by providing tested integrations with Hortonworks products.

Join the Partnerworks ISV/IHV Program

To join, prospective partners can join the ISV/IHV program using the form below. Existing Community level ISV/IHV partners are encouraged to obtain product integration certification, vertical industry certification and apply for the MDS level.

Why Join

  • Access and align with the best open-source technology experts to accelerate your business

  • Certify your product with Hortonworks products to provide assurance to prospective customers

  • Easy to join at the no-fee Community level and advance as it fits your business

Join Today


The program is designed in three tiers offering more benefits and greater Hortonworks commitment to partners that commit to invest in Hortonworks.

  • Certification testing: Simplify big data planning and assure interoperability for customers

  • Technical Support, product briefings, architecture guidance, performance collaborations

  • Marketing development funds and joint marketing initiatives to help create demand

  • Partnerworks Portal Access for self-service of sales, marketing and program resources




The entry point where partners begin their path to product integration certification.


Modern Data Solutions

Participate in marketing activities promoting the certified integrated solution including industry vertical certification program.



Participate in joint marketing opportunities and access technical teams for product roadmap briefings, support cases and may participate in our industry vertical certification program.



Hortonworks invests in Platinum partners with dedicated, named resources, go-to-market planning, technical and marketing support.

Who Has Joined Partnerworks ISV/IHV Program

Here are just a few examples of other partners who make up our team of ISV/IHV partners:

IBM logo Huawei