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Una volta al mese, ricevi gli approfondimenti, le tendenze, le informazioni analitiche e la conoscenza approfondita dei big data.

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Be First Insights

Consigli sull'analisi e soluzioni big data

Informazioni su Be First Insights

Vi diamo il benvenuto in Be First Insights Qui è possibile trovare consigli su analisi, ricerca e consulenza dai principali esperti.

6.December 2018

As Data Evolves, Data Management Architecture Must Keep Pace

As the velocity, volume, and variety of data grows, data management architecture needs to evolve to support it. Learn the keys to creating a successful modern-day data architecture.

5.December 2018

How Big Data in Finance Is Increasing Security

By using big data in the finance industry, the sector is keeping fraudulent activity at bay by fighting it when it occurs, and even learning how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

28.November 2018

How to Find Big Data Learning Resources and Stay Knowledgeable

Staying up to date on the latest developments in big data technology is critical to deriving accurate insights. Here are some ways your team can find big data learning resources that will prepare them to tackle today’s big data challenges.

27.November 2018

Three Ways Big Data Analytics in Finance Helps Banks and Credit Unions Understand Their Customers

Banks and credit unions recognize the importance of customer retention and loyalty. By using big data analytics in finance, these institutions are taking a more proactive approach to gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

19.November 2018

Cyber Monday and Big Data: Three Ways Analytics Can Drive Retail Sales

Cyber Monday and big data go hand in hand because understanding consumer spending habits is crucial to success for retail companies. Here’s how a big data strategy can help boost your sales this year.

15.November 2018

Big Data in Finance: Why You Need an Enterprise-Wide Strategy

In a desire to remain competitive, companies have begun to rethink the role of big data in finance. Many are formulating enterprise-wide big data strategies that works hand in hand with their other digital transformation initiatives.

13.November 2018

Are You Ready for the Future of IoT?

As our culture becomes more connected, the importance of IoT grows. Much hype has surrounded IoT in recent years, but now businesses and IT decision-makers must seriously consider the future of IoT and determine how the technology fits into their digital projects.

10.November 2018

Breaking Down Six Cybersecurity Myths

Data breaches and other incidents are not only inevitable, but the threat landscape is expanding so quickly that it is tough to keep up. Believing cybersecurity myths makes it more difficult to deploy the right security strategy.

9.November 2018

Big Data in Banking: Three Trends to Know

There are several trends driving the upsurge of initiatives focused on big data in banking. Explore these trends to learn what banks hope to gain from their big data investments.

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